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ALINCO DX SR8E HF Transceiver

ALINCO DX SR8E HF Transceiver
ALINCO DX SR8E HF Transceiver
Not available
ALINCO DX SR8E HF Transceiver
ALINCO DX SR8E HF Transceiver
ALINCO DX SR8E HF Transceiver
  • Product: Not available
  • Brand: ALINCO
  • Model: Alinco
  • SKU: 167
  • EAN: 7438641840854
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Alinco, a world leader in communications, has developed an easy-to-use and compact HF transceiver.

Thanks to the detachable control panel and front speaker, as well as the rational positioning of the controls, the DX-SR8E is an intuitive design achievement.

The DX-SR8E is designed to be a high quality transceiver capable of using heavy-duty cycles less hospitable environments.

• Short wave transmitters at the HF bands and Cover.

• Front panel detachable control.

• Direct input of the frequency using the numeric keypad.

• Remove unwanted signals by IF-shift.

• Removal of QRM filters out noise blanker or narrow, RIT/TXIT.

• Emphasis for operation on CW.

• Dynamic microphone with dynamic compressor.

• Priority scan Modes, Search, Busy, time, memories and program.

• Attenuator and antenna head amp on four levels.

• Three RF power levels with a QRP mode adjustable (0.1 ÷ 2 W).

• Double VFO and memory channels divided into 600 three banks.

• Output for automatic tuner and ALC for ampli er linear.

• Volume, squelch, RIT and IF shift; dial lock and keypad.

• TX/RX Led e-segment alphanumeric display.

• Frontal Connections for microphones, cuf and and external speaker.

• Large internal fan controlled with limtitatore power.

• Protection for SWR level too high.

[Standard accessories]

  • EMS-64 (SR8E/SR8T: Dynamic)
  • DC cable
  • Microphone hanger EBC-7
  • [Optional accessories]

    • EDX-2 automatic long-wire antenna tuner
    • EDS-17 Front control remote kit (5 m cable, front panel bracket, unit cover and hardware)
    • EMS-14 Desktop microphone
    • DM330/340MV series DC power supplies

    • Freeware Downloads
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      Genaral DX-SR8 ALL MODELS Operating mode J3e (USB, LSB) A3E (AM), A1A (CW), F3E (FM) Antenna impedance 50ohm unbalanced Frequency stability +/-1ppm Power requirement 13.8 V DC +/- -15% (11.7 to 15.8 V DC) Ground method Negative ground Current drain Receiver: 1.0 A (max) 0.7 A (Squelched)
      Transmit: 20A Operating temperature -10digC to 60digC (+ 14digF to + 140digF) Dimentions 240 (w) x 94 (h) x 255 (d) mm (Projections not included)
      (9.45 "(w) x 3.7" (h) x 10 "(d)
      240 (w) x 100 (h) x 293 (d) mm
      (9.45 "(w) x 3.94" (h) x (d) 11.54 Weight Approx. 4.1 kg (144.6 oz) Transmitter Power Output SSB, CW, FM: 100W (Hi) Approx. 10W (Low) Approx. 1W (S-Low)
      Am: 40W (Hi) Approx. 4W (Low) Approx. 0.4 W (S-Low) Modulation system SSB: Balanced modulation
      Am: Low power modulation
      FM: Reactance modulation Spurious emission Less than-50dB (Less than-45dB in 30 m band) Carrier suppression More than 40dB Unwanted sideband More than 50 DB (1 kHz) Maximum FM deviation +/-2.5KHz Receiver Receive circuitry Double conversion superheterodyne Sensitivity SSB: (0.15 to 1.8 MHz) 0dBu (1uV)
      CW: (1.8 to 30MHz)-12dBu (0.25 uV)
      Am: (0.15 to 1.8 MHz) + 20dBu (10uV)
      Am: (1.8 to 30MHz) + 6dBu (2uV)
      FM: (28 to 30MHz)-6dBu (0.5 uV) Intermediate frequency 1st 71.75 MHz, 2nd 455KHz Selectivity SSB, CW, AM (narrow): 2.4 KHz/-6 DB 4.5 KHz/-60dB
      Am, FM: 6KHz/-6dB 18 kHz/-60dB
      -6dB: 6KHz or more
      -60dB: 16 kHz or less (NFM) Spurious and image rejection ratio More than 70dB Audio output power More than 2.0 W (8 ohm 10% THD) RIT variable range +/-1.2KHz
      (Us/Canadian Amateur) DX-SR8E
      (European and other regions Amateur) Microphone impedance 300 OHM Transmit Frequency coverage 160 m band
      (1.8 M) 1.80000-1.99999 MHz 1.80000-1.99999 MHz 80 m band
      (3.5 M) 3.50000-3.99999 MHz 3.40000-3.99999 MHz * 60 m band
      (5.3 M) 5.33050 MHz
      5.34650 MHz
      5.36650 MHz
      5.37150 MHz
      5.40350 MHz - 40m band
      (7 m) 7.00000-7.29999 MHz 6.90000-7.49999 MHz 30 m band
      (10 m) 10.10000-10.14999 MHz 9.90000-10.49999 MHz 20 m band
      (14 m) 14.00000-14.34999 MHz 13.90000-14.49999 MHz 17 m band
      (18 m) 18.06800-18.16799 MHz 17.90000-18.49999 MHz 15 m band
      (21M) 21.00000-21.44999 MHz 20.90000-21.49999 MHz than 12 m band
      (24M) 24.89000-24.98999 MHz 24.40000-25.09999 MHz 10 m band
      (28M) 28.00000-29.69999 MHz 28.00000-29.99999 MHz

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