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ACOM 2000A HF linear amplifier

ACOM 2000A HF linear amplifier
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ACOM 2000A HF linear amplifier

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The ACOM 2000A HF linear amplifier is the most advanced automated HF amplifier ever designed for amateur use. The ACOM 2000A is the first amplifier for ham radio that has both automatic agreement that a sophisticated digital control system. This revolutionary new amplifier produces its maximum legal power in all modes and on all amateur HF bands.

The ACOM 2000A represents a fundamental step in the State-of-the-art design technique of HF amplifiers. With its introduction changed forever the way amateur radio operators using HF power amplifiers in their stations.

    • Automatic and instant agreement makes the slow and laborious band switching, a thing of the past.
    • An integrated antenna tuner, extended working range, able to grant loads with high VSWR (up to 3:1), delete often need, the cost and complexity of an external antenna tuner for high power.
    • the digital control through RS-232 enables full integration into any station controlled by computer.
    • Using advanced security circuitry ensures the security and integrity of the amplifier in all possible potential operating conditions.
    • The ability to perform remote diagnostics and a modular design make it easy to failure detection and repair.

    The core of the ACOM 2000A is a classic project of HF amplifier, employing two Svetlana 4CX800A (GU74B) high-performance ceramic tetrodes operating in a grid control. This system was chosen for its inherent stability and low production of spurious emissions. The ACOM has joined this proven record with the most advanced circuit configuration control digital technology available today in order to create an amplifier with outstanding performance, features and reliability.

    The use of grid cathode feedback pilot tetrodes negative, excellent carrying capacity of the transceiver (typically VSWR less than 1.2:1 inbound), and a screen grid voltage (SG) adjusted produces an output with very low distortion. IMD typical measured is-40dB (3-zo order) and-45dB (5-to order). The use of traditional networks to Pi-L, with all inductors in the air (no ferrite), and careful design of the resonant circuit of output guarantee of typically less than-55dBc harmonic emissions (second) and under-70dBc (third harmonic and above). So the chances of causing QRM, BCI or TVI are drastically minimized.


    The ability to perform the automatic agreement of ACOM 2000A is a real innovation in the design of the HF amplifiers. Never think even an external antenna tuner for VSWR of up to 3:1 (2:1 on 160 m). The agreement of antenna impedance to the load great valves is fully automatic. Typically require a second and above all no skill is required for the operator.

    Eliminating laborious and slow procedures agree, the ACOM 2000A from a real advantage to those who do the contest. You can now change band at a time. You can work any multiplier from the cluster, using the modern programs of loggers with functions "point-and-shoot", regardless of the band. And knowing that however the amplifier is perfectly tuned and work safely. The amp follows the band and frequency transceiver change in less than a second. Special cables are not required. The transmission of a point in CW or SSB "Ah" are sufficient for it to happen.

    The ACOM 2000A divides each amateur band in various frequency segments. The user can store up to ten (10) different agreements for each segment of frequencies-allowing you to have different settings for more antennas on each band. The ratio of waves stand VSWR may increase considerably when an antenna is taken away from its resonance frequency. Unlike all other amplifiers on the market today, the net output of ACOM 2000 tuning allows the amplifier to operate at full power, even with VSWR up to 3:1 (2:1 on 160 m).

    Microprocessor control improves performance obtainable and enables a wide range of new and advanced operational capabilities.

    The ability to operate in Full break-in (QSK) is based on the use of an integrated vacuum relays. Transmit/receive switching sequence is guaranteed through the use of a dedicated processor.

    Remote control unit

    Only the Remote control unit (RCU) must be placed close to the operator. The main unit can be installed up to 3 metres away. The operating status of the amplifier RCU features include: shown on the LCD display, control of all functions, measurement and/or monitoring of all the 20 most important operating parameters, on-board technical assistance, recommendations for diagnosing, record of uptime and access password protected.

    The security system makes it really hard to damage the amplifier. Information about the latest 12 more recent protection system are stored in an INFO BOX for remote diagnostics via telephone lines, PC, and Internet.

    All features are accessible from a PC via a RS232 serial port. Is it possible to have a local network station with more than one amplifier/antenna connected.

    The ACOM 2000A offers protection against abnormal operating conditions (excessive voltages and currents), supply voltage, overheating, overload, insufficient cooling air flow, internal and external RF bows (in the amplifier, antenna, or antenna tuner selector themselves), T/R switching sequence, unsolicited switching relay load of antenna, antenna arrangement quality, excessive reflected power, data stored, overcurrent at power on , and working against the opening in the lid interlock for operator safety.

    Technical Characteristics

      • RF output power: 1500-2000 W modulated carrier or SSB-no time limit. Operating modes with constant carrier RF output power 1500W RF-unlimited time with auxiliary fan.
      • Frequency coverage: all amateur bands 1.8-24.5 MHz. 28 Mhz possible only with a licensed operator can edit.
      • Change band/Settlement: initial agreement in less than 3 seconds (typically 0.5 sec.). The recall of stored configuration/cambio gang takes less than 0.2 seconds to move to a different segment of the same band, and less than a second to make the FREQUENCY is in USE on a different band.
      • Tuning memory: Non-volatile, up to 10 different antennas for frequency segment.
      • Drive power: 50W output Typically 1500W.
      • Input impedance: 50 Ω nominal. < VSWR 1.5:1.
      • Output: up to 3 tolerated mismatch: 1 VSWR (2:1 on 160 m) at full power output before the protection circuit for high SWR intervenes. For lower output powers are tolerable SWR still higher.
      • Harmonics generated: at least 50 dB below the peak value out to 1500W.
      • Intermodulation: at least 35 dBsotto the peak value out to 1500W.
      • T/R keying for CW: relays vacuum (Vacuum Relay): can operate in QSK.
      • Valves and type of circuit: 2 tetrodes 4CX800A/resistive grid network, GU74b PI-L output circuit with RF negative feedback. Screen grid voltage regulated.
      • ALC: negative signal, derived from the mannparmar grid, max rear panel, adjustable-11v.
      • Full-BK (QSK) can
      • Measuring equipment: full range. Remote control unit allows monitoring of all operating parameters of the amplifier.
      • Protections: current limitations of screen, power grid and transitional (soft-start circuit included), intervention in case of excessive reflected power, for strings, access to password-protected, protectors, the operation sequence T/R, overheating, interlock on the lid, and crowbar HV circuit.
      • Troubleshooting: remote control unit display and various LED more "INFO Box" for the last 12 recent fault events. PC interface (RS-232), plus possibility of remote diagnosis over the phone line.
      • Cooling: forced air. Blower with rubber insulation.
      • Transformer: 3.5 kVA Strip winding machine and ferromagnetic core in Unisil-H.
      • AC power supply requirements: 100/120/200/220/240 VAC nominal .50 -60 Hz. 3500VA single-phase at full power.
      • Physical dimensions:
        • RF unit: 440L x 180A x 450P mm
        • 135l X 25A X 170P mm
        • Shipped in two cardboard boxes with total weight of 37 kg. Detachable transformer (Plug in) for ease of transport and shipping.
        • Any control necessary on the RF unit except ON/OFF. The RF unit can be placed up to 3 meters (10 m with the optional kit) from the RCU.


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