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ACOM 1010 HF linear amplifier

ACOM 1010 HF linear amplifier
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ACOM 1010 HF linear amplifier

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  • Brand: ACOM
  • Model: Acom 1010
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  • EAN: 7438641841714
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The ACOM1010, the latest new product is a linear amplifier cheap, small and light, covering from 160 to 10 meters, for stationary use, to DXpedition operations in Field Dy.

Ease of use. The indicator of the plate-load value "True Resistance Indicator (TRI) is an innovation ACOM which allows fast and precise agreement, typically in less than 10 seconds. Auto-restore returns your amplifier in OPERATE mode automatically, after the intervention of any protections, saving operator time, avoiding done manual steps of recovery.

No external antenna tuner is required at least until the antenna has a VSWR of less than 3:1. The amplifier carries out the functions of an antenna tuner, allowing you to quickly change antenna and using a broad spectrum of frequencies.

This amp is both user-friendly and with monitoring functions. It was designed to withstand without damage up to 240 W of reflected power, up to 100 milliseconds to overload (RF "tails" after releasing the PTT or button (KEY)), and also operator agreement errors. It is capable of operating with more than half of its nominal output power with just 75% of rated mains value. Because he can tolerate gaps (up to scratch for 10 milliseconds) and 15% surge in net, is particularly suitable for use in portable generators, particularly for field days and DXpeditions.

The upper LED light bar always detects the power peak incident while the lower one is to read the reflected power. LED indicators alert you in case of abnormal operating conditions for the grid 2 grid 1,, and parameters of plaque.

Two antenna outputs are selectable from the front panel of the amplifier.

The antenna arrangement can be achieved in less than 10 seconds and one-fourth of the nominal output power, in order to reduce the risk of interference with other stations and the security risks of the components in the amplifier itself.

The amplifier requires no special interface to operate with your transceiver, it only needs the signal "" ground on TX and 60 W RF input power to dispense the full output power.

The circuit agree incoming broadband has excellent characteristic of load for the transceiver that pilot, from 1.8 MHz to 30MHz.

One valve Svetlana 4CX800A (GU74B), high-performance ceramic-metal tetrode with plate dissipation of 600W (forced air cooling, piloted in the grid) is used for maximum efficiency.

The Acom 1010 offers a continuous monitoring and circuit breakers for currents of plaque and grid lines. Polarization optimization circuit minimizes the heat dissipation into the valve, ensuring a long life. The design criteria used for Stadium high voltage power supply ensure the Elimination of the dangerous transient to ignition, avoiding repercussions over other powered devices from the network. Plus, the amplifier can be configured for any of the 8 possible mains voltages, between 100 and 240 V, 50 or 60 Hz.

The amplifier can be supplied with the bands of 10 and 12 meters disabled as required by the FCC, for users in the United States. Check with your dealer to enable those bands.

Technical Characteristics

  • Frequency coverage: all amateur bands in the range 1.8-29.7 MHz.
  • Output power: 500 W 700 W PEP or continuous carrier.
  • Intermodulation products: better than-35 dB below rated output.
  • Power frequency hum and noise: better than-40 dB below rated output.
  • Harmonic output Suppression: better than 50 dB below rated output.
  • Input and output impedance:
    • nominal value: 50 Ω unbalanced, UHF type connector (SO239)
    • input circuit: broadband, VSWR less than 1.3:1, across the range 1.8-30MHz (does not require keeping talking switchings)
    • bypass path VSWR less than 1.1:1, across the range 1.8-30MHz, 200 W maximum
    • capacity agreed output impedance (antenna): VSWR up to 3:1 or more.
  • RF gain: 11dB typical frequency response less than 1dB (from 50 to 70 watts of power for the maximum output). Power supply requirements: 85-132 V/170-264 V ac (100, 110, 120, 200, 210, 220, 230 & 240 V nominal), +10% -15% tol.), 50-60 Hz, single phase, 1200 VA.
  • CE safety requirements and EMC as well as FCC (10 & 12 m bands blocked).
  • Weight & dimensions: Wxdxh: 406x315x150mm, 16 kg.
  • Operating environmental conditions:
    • temperature: +50° C 0 ...
    • humidity: up to 95% @ + 35° C
    • altitude: up to 3000 m above sea level without Derating of output power.


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