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Accessories for Antennas

in this category antenna accessories you will find everything you need to make your antennas work at their best.

For the right installation, you will find the poles and the support brackets for the antennas, brackets and magnetic supports and bases for vehicle antennas.

Baluns and insulators for your center roof wire antennas.

All accessories for antennas that are essential for their installation.

As with all our whips, the base of the section has a double set of grips to avoid breaking the base section especially when it is in horizontal configuration.The retracted length is 53cm, like the antenna arms. The length is 290cm...
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Made from a thin, ultra-strength aluminum alloy, these antenna arms are standard with our Buddipole or Buddistick antennas. Sometimes we stack these arms together from the central buddipole tee to increase the overall length of the antenna, thus increasing efficiency.Now we also have half-length ar..
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These are clips for extra coils that are used as substitutes or simply to simplify the change of bands without having to move the clips. We manufactured them at a precise size by a company that produces small parts. Made of stainless steel and gold-plated.Sold in sets of 3 clips...
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allow the operator to modify Buddipole configurations ™ very quickly. It is a kit for experimenters ... for those of you who want to see, for example, whether an L-shape or a sloper is better than a classic DX dipole. If you have an antenna analyzer, this kit is for you!The rotating arm kit includ..
Ex Tax:€41.00
Our mini-bobin is designed for the light/compact crowd that operates mainly on 10m - 20m. Great for backpackers, travelers, SOTA enthusiasts or anyone interested in minimizing the size and weight of their kit.Note: Reels are not provided with spiral clips. Spiral clips can be purchased on our acc..
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These are the new coils for low bands that work up to 3.5 mhz.These coils are best used for medium-distance contacts in vertical configuration with a single sloop counterweight. A counterweight of about 20m is recommended.In the dipole configuration with two coils it is recommended to add length to ..
Ex Tax:€80.36
The new VersaTee ™ is truly a design revolution for any type of portable dipole. Made from a bespoke injection mold with UV-resistant fiberglass-reinforced materials, VersaTee is robustly built to withstand prolonged outdoor use in all types of conditions.VersaTee ™ contains standard 3/8"x 24 threa..
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Our improved opposite wire adapter (CWA) has a stainless steel centering pin that allows for easy insertion and removal in the field without the use of any tools.Easy to use..
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Black, robust and UV-resistant plastic..
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These coils come standard with our Buddipole, Buddistick and mini-Buddipole antennas. The high Q design and low-loss dielectric material combine to create a high-performance but extremely durable coil designed for years of outdoor use.Each coil has 3 recessed channels that allow almost a hundred ta..
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