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Eliminate QRM

Problems with the QRM locally on shortwave? Many times the answer is a clear ' Yes! '. Those who live in rural areas know how ' clean ' the frequency except the areas where they spend the largest energy transportation lines! ...
However, many interferences are generated by local sources of noise, such as TV, computer. bad connections.
With this equipment you can fully ridurrequasi interference although arrive at a liveddo by s 9; the result is a clear QADEER! You don't have to know what kind of iterferenza it is or where it came from. No matter whether the interference comes from the Packet or from a distant Station 100 meters from us.
The Delete-QRM is nserito between our trx and antenna without further changes to the radio. The unit has a PTT, which enables the device to remain connected during transmission. It just requires an additional antenna in receive mode, like an antenna for 2 m or just a couple of meters of wire in your shack.
Unwanted signals are received from both antennas that will be processed in phase difference. The Delete-QRM will allow us to adjust the delay of the two received signals ij to eliminate unwanted signals before they reach the front end of your rx!
the funzionamnento is based on a concept completely advanced and no results can be compared with those of a normal ' noise blanker.

More Info:
Size: 200x130x56mm
Terminals: 3xUHF connectors for TX, base station and auxiliary antennas, 2 x Cinch jacks for power supply and PTT.
Power supply: 12V/150mA.

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