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After the huge success of the transceiver FDM-DUO the manufacturer now offers the "R" as a receiver-as expected from Elad in Italian design, elegant and equipped with high technology.

The FDM-DUO-R is a shortwave receiver that uses state-of-the-art technology SDR, but which can be used as a traditional radio. Operating controls familiar like a large knob VFO, dials for the volume, filters, and other functions, as well as buttons for settings that are used often lend FDM-DUO-R ease of use as a receiver. Inner values, as a quick and powerful converter digital processing capability are the basis for excellent reception capacity, as they are known by the FDM-S2 and FDM-DUO.

A very interesting innovation receptor FDM-DUO-R are 10 supported card pre-selection, which can be populated by the user, if necessary. Elad offers different band-pass and high-pass filters, for example, to suppress the nearby Raadio waveband. Bandpass Filters are available for amateur radio bands and help to achieve excellent large signal handling capability, suitable even for stations to contest. And the most demanding users even more flexibility you can use two empty cards to design your own filters perfectly adapted to their needs. Using a clever combination of two antenna inputs, attenuators, 54MHz low pass filter level and switchable positions ten preselector design receiver offers a lot of possibilities for individual tuning.

Receiving frequency range goes from 10 kHz to 54 MHz [1]. The two antenna inputs are selected by borders programmable bandwidth, then the antenna module right and filter was selected as a function of frequency. A TCXO is used for good frequency stability, oscillator sideband noise is very low-130-136dBc, resulting in a low level of noise and excellent sensitivity. Alternatively, an external 10 MHz reference clock precision can be used as master clock. Depending on how you use the FDM-DUO-R-with or without computer-there are several operating modes: USB, LSB, CW, without AM and FM, with the computer in addition WFM and DRM can be received. DRM is available with the included software, you don't need any complex installation of additional software.

The nice thing about the FDM-DUO-R is, which can be used with or without a computer. Without computer receiver is an excellent companion for the SWL demanding, even when you go laptop during a vacation. And when you work together with a computer FDM-DUO-R provides state-of-the-art DSP as a waterfall display, decoding, recording and much more. FDM software-SW2 allows the operation of up to 4 receivers simultaneously. The manufacturer provides a DLL "ExtIO", which is required to use the receiver with other software such as SDR *, HDSDR, SDR-Radio and more.

Additional hardware features of FDM-DUO-R are worthy of professional radio. The iput precision has already been said. A CAT remote control USB interfave with the right software, the CAT is fully documented. A Mute input shut down the receiver when a nearby transmitter is keyed, offering a seamless integration into an existing amateur radio station. The internal 9-pin port is compatible with existing expansion cards by Elad. There are connections for headphones and line out. The receiver requires a 13.8 VDC, max. power outlet is about. 500 mA.

Size incl. controls

Frequency range RX9 kHz-52 MHz RX direct sampling
Frequency range Txonly amateur bands 160 to 6 m
Output power5W on amateur bands or 0 dBm HF-Output
Connectors2 x antenna jacks PL (RX/TX or separate RX/TX)
Exciter Output0dbm, 100 kHz-54 MHz
Frequency OscillatorTCXO 10 MHz
Frequency stabilityFIXME
Stand-alone modes (w/o PC)USB, LSB, CW, AM, FM
CATUSB interface with FTDI controller
Weight1200 g
 180 × 155 × 70 mm

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