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Automatic antenna disconnection

Antenna Disconnect , produced by Paradan (USA), is a protective relay for coaxial antenna cables. As soon as the station is off, the antenna is completely isolated from the radio. No longer turning off the coaxial connectors when a thunderstorm approaches.

Especially for remote operated stations this is a critical feature, which can save the entire radio station.

The Disconnect Antenna not only cuts the center conductor of the coaxial line but also the external screen. The antenna side of the relay is permanently connected to an overvoltage protection, which cuts all thetime surges, even by operating. The relay is triggered by an auxiliary switching therapeutic power. As soon as the transceiver is switched on, the antenna is conencted to the radio. Or, if such ouitput aux is available, the relay is using the same power as the radio. As soon as power supply is switched off, the entire station is switched off and the TNE antenna is disconnected.

The loss of insertion of the disconnect antenna relay is only 0.05 dB at 29 MHz. Even on 144 MHz is only 1 dB. The max. Power is 1500 W. A green LED indicates the status of the relay. The switching voltage is provided by a two-wire DC degree with RCA connector.

  • Features
  • Metal case, black
  • PL jack (antenna)
  • Isolated PL (radio) jack
  • Green LED indicator
  • 2 pcs 15A relay with protection diode
  • Two-wire control cable with Cinch (RCA) connector
  • Reverse polarity protection
  • Large earth screw clamp
Technical data Paradan Relais
Operating voltage 10 - 18 V
Power consumption 60 mA
Mass power. 1500
Loss of insertion @ 29 MHz 00:05 dB
@ 54 MHz 0.4 dB
@ 144 MHz 1 dB
measurement 122 x 66 x 41 mm
Weight 390 g

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