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DIAMOND X 300 Vertical Antenna vhf-uhf

DIAMOND X 300 Vertical Antenna vhf-uhf
DIAMOND X 300 Vertical Antenna vhf-uhf
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  • Brand: DIAMOND
  • Model: X-300N-PL
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  • EAN: 7438641841271

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Vertical antenna vhf-uhf 144 Mhz and 430 Mhz

Special Features:
• Fiberglass radomes
• Overlapping outer shells for added strength
• Strong waterproof joint couplings
• Stainless steel hardware
• Wide band performance
• Factory adjusted – no tuning required
• High wind rating
• DC grounded
Band:2 m/70 cm
Gain (dB):6.5/9.0
Max Power Rating:200
Wind Rating:112 MPH (no ice)
Height (feet):10
Element Phasing:

2-5/87, 5-5/87

Warning-Counterfeit Diamond Products!

Unfortunately we found that fake diamond antennas were offered on the German and European market. Affected are the popular Omni-directional antennas for fixed installation of the "X-Series", but also some mobile antennas and equipment.
Even the packaging is deceptively copied from original-yellow sleeve diamond logo! But there are some subtle differences how to locate him fakes.

Bottom Part of Antenna


Different shape. False is lucid, the original has a matte finish. Different stickers.

Antenna and radio tube

dia3.gif (167789 Byte)
Original tube with diamond sticker, original stainless steel radial thread and counter nut.
Forgery with brass clamp pressed on.

U-bolt and clamps

dia2.gif (5349 Byte)
U mounting bracket clamps (X-510, X-700 and X7000 use different pliers)

dia1.gif (3966 Byte)

Further characteristics

  • Counterfeit products are packed with bubble film, the antennae are not original.
  • Press the button that closed the yellow plastic packaging is originally made of metal, using plastic fakes.
  • Yellow packaging is folded down, giving it more stability. Fake products don't have this yellow box overlay.
  • Instructions are printed on both sides with the original, and are simple cpoies fakes a one-sided picture.

Depending on the type of antenna points out one or more of these differences may occur. Please check carefully before suspecting a supplier without reason.


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