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Cushcraft MA-6B

A compact antenna with four elements for all bands from 6 to 20 m.
Two active elements on each band: 6,10,12,15,17 and 20m.
It adapts to measurements almost anywhere: 2.74 meters rotation radius.
Perfect to start with the DX without having to install a huge antenna.
With a maximum power of 1500W, the MA-6B can also be used for contests.
The gain is between 3 and 5 dB, depending on the band.
In addition to the gain, however, the front-to-back ratio is almost more important.
The F / B ratio is up to 22 dB (depending on the band) and helps a lot to suppress the interfering QRM.
Because of the cap capacities and traps, high bandwidth is achieved, usually no lossy tuner is required.
Arm length of only 213 cm, weight 11.8 kg.

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