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Anytone AT-D578UV DMR vehicle transceiver

Anytone AT-D578UV DMR vehicle transceiver
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Anytone AT-D578UV DMR vehicle transceiver
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  • Brand: AnyTone
  • Model: AT-D578-PLUS
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The Antone AT-D578UV-PLUS is a true TWIN band radio for digital DMR radio systems, compatible with MOTOTRBO Tier 1 and 2. The traditional FM is of course equally supported. Unlike many other DMR radios, the AT-D578UV offers true VFO operations, which makes it much more suitable for amateur radio. Here you can adjust the frequency and other parameters as you are used by traditional radios, instead of using only pre-programmed memories. Obviously the AT-D578U also offers memories, a lot: 4000 for accuracy. But you're not limited to those memory channels. Another difference compared to the other DMR radios is the possibility to modify most (unfortunately not all) the parameters of the transceiver. This is useful as there is no need to connect a computer for every minute of setting change. However,

The new AT-D58UV is not just a "D878UV portable radio with more power" in a mobile home. In addition to the well-known functions such as APRS in FM (tx wise) and digital roaming and the new Bluetooth option, AT-D578UV-Plus now offers the possibility of receiving a DMR and an analogue channel simultaneously, a real double. Of course you can also receive two analogue channels simultaneously. For easy setup, each of the two bands has its own volume control, which are assigned to one VFO each.

The transmission power can be set to four levels, max. the power is 50 Watts on 2m VHFamd 45 W on UHF 70 cm.

The further set of functions of the D578UV is very wide. It is possible to store up to 4000 different channels (also digital and analogue, even mixed); 10000 conversation groups can be configured and the memory can hold up to 200,000 digital contacts. Therefore the complete DMR user database worldwide can be stored in the device. In analogue mode, functions such as DTMF, CTCSS and DCS are supported in addition to encoding with two-tone and 5-tone signals. A burst of 1750 Hz tones is also available. A total of 10 buttons on the radio and microphone can be assigned to individual functions, allowing users to set their personal preferences. The brightness of the 1.77 "color display and the backlit buttons on the unit and on the microphone can be adjusted in several steps, thus ensuring ideal readability even in sunlight and a glare-free operation when driving in the dark.

The roaming function of the AT-D578UV is independent of the position of the device. During roaming, the system checks if a repeater is reachable from a predefined list and sets it automatically if necessary. The roaming trigger can be a manual start or the information that the set repeater is not (no longer) reachable. Roaming channels can be divided into zones, similar to conventional channels, which correspond to geographic regions, for example.

Another feature to note is the ability to store several DMR IDs. So it would be conceivable to use the device both in a professional corporate radio environment and later with a different ID in the amateur radio. Or several family members share a device. The Anytone AT-D578UV is equipped with a GPS receiver, position data can be transmitted via radio (DMR-APRS and FM-APRS). The device also has a connector for an external GPS antenna. The AT-D578UV is a TWINband device for 2m (VHF) and 70cm (UHF), on both bands it is possible to work in analogue in FM or digital in DMR. A WFM receiver is also available for the FM radio band. The antenna connection is a PL socket. The programming cable (USB / Micro-USB) is included in the supply; the latest programming software and firmware is available for free at or on the manufacturer's website.

  • Features of Anytone AT-D578UV-Plus
  • 1.77 inch color LC display
  • Numeric keypad on the microphone, 10 freely configurable keys
  • TWINband 2m / 70cm (V / U, V / V, U / U)
  • SE selectable channel width 12.5 / 25 kHz (analog) or fixed 12.5 kHz (DMR)
  • Digital: DMR (Tier I / II) and analog FM
  • WFM receiver 87.5 - 108 MHz
  • Up to five programmable DMR IDs
  • 4000 memories, 10,000 discussion groups, 200,000 digital contacts
  • 250 programmable zones (memory banks)
  • Display of ID (name), position and country of the QSO partner
  • Two timeslots are available, all color codes available
  • Transmit power 5, 10, 25, 45 (UHF) / 50 (VHF) Watts
  • Automatic selection of analog / digital mode
  • Tonality erupted at 1750 Hz
  • Tone squelch: CTCSS, DCS
  • Tone signaling: DTMF, 2 tones, 5 tones
  • GPS receiver
  • New simultaneous analog / digital or analog / analog reception
  • New Many APRS parameters configurable on radio, without computer
  • Recording and playback of the received signal (DMR only)
  • New Roaming (repeater selection reachable from a pre-programmed list)
  • VOX function
  • New Bluetooth interface
  • Individual volume controls for VFO
  • Delivery volume AT-D578UV-Plus
  • Anytone AT-D578UV
  • Integrated Bluetooth module
  • External Bluetooth PTT button
  • Handheld microphone with numeric keypad and up / down keys
  • Mobile mounting bracket and assorted hardware
  • DC cable with fuse
  • USB programming cable
  • Replacement fuses

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