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ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W

ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
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ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
ACOM 2100 HF amplifier 1500 W
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  • Brand: ACOM
  • Model: ACOM 2100
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The ACOM 2100 delivers a maximum power of 1500W both HF which in band 6 m. The amplifier is equipped with a powerful 4CX1000 valve. With the help of the tuning indicator (TRI), designed by ACOM, the agreement of the amplifier becomes extremely simple and usually only takes a few seconds to complete it correctly. The output circuit can handle up to antenna mismatching SWR above 3:1. For this reason no longer need bulky and expensive external antenna tuners that have to manage high potencies.

The construction of the ACOM 2100 is very sturdy and was directed to the utmost protection. Were used several protection circuits that ensure the operation without any kind of problem for several years. The finish is designed to withstand powers reflected over 400W. Can handle power peaks generated by recent transceiver (spikes) as well as mains voltage falls short. All this makes this amplifier particularly suitable for use during Dx-pedition or field-days.

The display offers an easy-to-read output power level and any errors that may occur during use. To help diagnose the latest 7 errors, these will be stored in non-volatile memory of the amplifier. The different LEDs on the front, showing the status of the amplifier, the OPERATE mode, the input attenuator and antenna selected. The amplifier is equipped with three antenna outputs that can be selected with the push of a button on the front panel. Various protection systems guarantee a safe operation; While you operate the amplifier maintains a constant control on changes of plaque and Grill, on the respective currents and also on the reflected power and the temperature of the cooling air.
The input circuit is designed to provide broadband 50ohm constant impedance towards the transceiver, on any range used.

Technical Characteristics

Technical data
1.8- 54 MHz operating frequency
Emitted power 1500W PEP or CW
AC drive power. 50-85 Watt
Amplification about 13.5 dB ± 1dB
Intermodulations (IMD3) > 32dB
Suppression of harmonics > 50dB (1.8-29.7 MHz)
> 66dB (50-54 MHz)
Antenna connectors 3 x SO-239 (PL), 50 Ω
SWR 1 ≤ 1.3 entrance:
Maximum SWR 3 output: 1
Power supply 85-132VAC, 170-265VAC,
45-66 Hz, single phase
Consumption in VA (transmitting) about 3500VA
Operating temperature 0°-+50° C
Maximum working humidity 95% @ 35° C
Measures 445 × 375 × 205 mm
29.3 weight kg


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