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Acom 1200S

Acom 1200S
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Acom 1200S

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  • Model: 1200s
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High resolution color display by 5 "(108x65mm), 800 x 480 pixels and 24-bit colors.
The output stage uses of NXP MOSFETS transistors, BLF188 type, designed to withstand high disaddattamenti antenna system (SWR), intended for use in aerospace, industrial, mobile and for commercial broadcasting.
Compatible with all models of transceivers on the market, does not require any special signals to control: are sufficient connection with the PTT ("ground on transmit) of your transceiver and 50W of power drive.
The wideband input circuit guarantees perfect load at the output of your transceiver with an impedance of 50 Ohms and typical SWR below 1.2:1 (usually 1.1:1) without any value of reflected power throughout the frequency range (from 1.8 to 54MHz).
The overall operation of the ACOM 1200S is extremely simplified: selectable from the LCD menus are intuitive and easy to follow and no expertise is required the operator to change the operating frequencies.
Possibility of automatic control – when connected to a transceiver with the amp CAT interface controls and is constantly monitoring the frequency set on the transmitter, changing the bands accordingly. If not connected through the CAT, the amplifier controls the operating frequency due to internal frequency meter and changes the frequency bands when press the carrier of your transceiver.
Supports remote control via RS232 interface.
Several protection circuits monitor continuously the status of the amplifier, intervening instantly in case of malfunctions.
The operator through the LCD display, can monitor up to 10 parameters relating to the operating mode of the amplifier.
Easy maintenance – detailed data (55), for the past 28 security interventions, will be stored in non-volatile memory of the amplifier.
Particularly suitable for operations during Dx-pedition and field-days: extremely compact and lightweight, it can work with mains voltages from 93 to 265V, needs limited cranking power and network consumption regime purely sinusoidal power thanks to the new auto-correction circuit named PFC – all the problems generated by unstable mains voltage, use with generators , etc. are completely dampened by the new switching power supply (SMPS).
EMC is perfect with radio frequency sensitive appliances, and other devices present at the station (receivers, computers, other amplifiers ...), having overtaken egregiously EMC standards, through the use of additional filters and PFC circuit for the radio frequency

Technical Characteristics
a) rated power: 1000W +/-0.5 dB PEP or carrier continues (1200W peak)
b) intermodulation distortion (IMD3): better than 30 dB below rated output PEP
c) Suppression of harmonics and spurious: better than 60 dB (usually 65 dB);
d) input impedance 50 Ohms nominal value and output: unbalanced, UHF connectors (SO239);
e) input circuit: wide band, SWR below 1.2:1 (usually 1.1:1);
f) frequency coverage: from 1.8 to 54MHz in tune continues without risintonizzazioni;
g) output circuit: by-pass amplifier with SWR operating not below 1.1:1 from 1.8 to 54MHz; maximum SWR bearable than 3:1 with proportional power reduction – up to 1.5:1 the amplifier will deliver maximum output power;
h) RF power gain: 13 dB +/-1 dB;
s) mains voltage: 93-265V without switching;
l) power consumption at full power: 2000 VA or less, power factor of 0.95 or higher;
m) power consumption in standby: less than 1VA;
n) complies with European safety standards. and electromagnetic compatibility standards, as well as the standards set by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC);
or) environment and working conditions: temperature from -10° to +40° C (14° F -104° F); relative humidity up to 95%;
d) size and weight (Dxwxh): 418x372x162mm (16, 46x14, 65x6, 38in) – 12 kg.


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